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Black History in Fashion

Black History in Fashion

Several times this month we have payed homage to those Famous Black designers , and as Black History month nears the middle, we can't forget Mr. Rene Lacoste. 


Rene Lacoste would become one of the most famous tennis players in France's history. He won the French Open at the age of 20 in 1925, eventually claiming a total of seven major singles championships on top of three doubles titles, while he was also ranked No. 1 in the world in 1926 and 1927.

Despite being forced to retire at the age of 24 due to health problems, Lacoste remained in the game and started the "Lacoste" brand in 1933, specializing in tennis products. The inspiration for the company's logo came from his nickname as a player, "Le Crocodile."

The Crocodile is also the world wide symbol for his brand. From Court to Couture. 



Snake Skin Is Back..

Snake Skin Is Back..


If there is one print type reading luxury and hedonism from soup to nuts, it is definitely animal skin prints running the gamut at the fall/winter 2017 runway shows. Leopards, tigers, zebras and reptiles have lent their extravagant skins to many a fashion designer or at least the pattern ideas to non-animal-policy-followers and today we have another awe-inspiring print trend that is genuinely accordant with cold and windy days.




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